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MLB Bums Rules

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MLB Bums Rules

Post by high-n-tight (gobriensf) on Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:14 pm

The goal of the league is to connect a group of guys that all enjoy playing the game and that also want to know and enjoy the guys they play with.  If everyone treats each other well—win or lose—then being a part of this league will be a lot more fun for everyone.


Being able to communicate with league members is critical to getting games scheduled/ having an active league. There are 3 ways we stay connected. 1) Via Groupme--you must download the Groupme app so you can be in our Group. 2) Via PSN Group messaging. We will add you to the group messaging list--please only use this to request a game as it goes out to all members. If you want to communicate directly to a league member then send the message to them only. 3) Via text messaging. Directly texting lg members is the most effective way to get a game with someone that isnt online at the moment.  

Also, all league members are required to "friend" all other members on the PS4.  If we are not all "friended" then we cant see who is online.

Acting like a baby or a win-at-all-costs jackass is going to be the fastest way out of the league. This game can be incredibly frustrating and during the heat of competition its human nature to find fault with your opponent's style of play.  But you cant let your frustration affect the way you "speak" to or treat your opponent.  You also cant play the game in a disrespectful way (beaning guys, letting the CPU play for you, etc).  If we are going to have a league the membership can enjoy then we all need to treat each other well both during games and after.

'13 has been out for awhile now and lag/ disco's continue to be a problem. If one of the two players decides the game is unplayable due to lag before the end of the 3rd inning his opponent must agree to end the game.  Beyond the 3rd inning both players must agree though that request should not be unreasonable denied.  Disconnects due to PSN server issues are what they are.  Any runs scored during the game will count.  They will be added to that teams point total when the interrupted game is re-played.

Guidelines for finishing a game interrupted by server issues are as follows...

Situation: Game tied; Team at bat has no outs and no men on.
Remedy: Start the game over from the beginning or play only the remaining number of innings with the person behind in score conceding at the appropriate time.

Situation: Game tied, Team at bat has 1 or more outs and/or men on base.
Remedy: Through the magic of bunting recreate the situation and play from that point on with the team behind in score conceding after the appropriate number of innings have been played.

Situation: Game is NOT tied
Remedy #1: The team that is behind will allow their opponent to score the appropriate number of runs.  Several ways you can do this but bunting is probably the easiest to manage.  Again, if the team at bat had men on base and outs then that situation has to be recreated prior to resuming play.

If you need help with this check with an admin or one of our long-time members.  

Players can  can use any alternative solutions that both teams agree to.  

Beating the snot out of opponents almost never makes a league better in the long run.  If you get off on humiliating or tormenting your opponents or if building your team stats is more important to you then the misery you are dishing out to one of your fellow league members then this isn't the league for you.  The following are situations where a team can request a concede and where that request MUST be granted...

-If a team is trailing by 10 runs at any point in the game;
-If a team is trailing by 8 runs after the 5th.

In situations that don’t fall into the above parameters the team that is ahead is not required to grant a concede but is free to do so if they want.

If something personal comes up during a game and you have to stop playing then you must concede.  If you opponent chooses to grant you an FQ that's great but the team that needs to end the game has no right to demand an FQ if their opponent is unwilling.  That said--see League Mission and Rule #1.

Overall league philosophy on trading is that all members are grown-ups and can manage their own trades.  The value of every player is subjective and the admins are not going to impose their views on the owners of a team.  For instance...

Team A has 95 rated Kris Medlin.  He doesnt like Medlin and wants to move him.  Team B has 85 rated Alex Rios.  Team A loves Rios and is feels its in his best interest to give up a highly rated guy to acquire a lower rated guy.

That's the kind of trade that some would feel is either really stupid or just wrong.  But it's the teams that are involved in the trade that have to make that decision...within reason.  Trades that are excessively lopsided are subject to veto.  Each member should keep in mind that drastically overpaying for a player hurts other members of the league.  Every member has a responsibility to extract something close to fair value for the players they trade.

The potential for abuse/ collusion does exist and we have probably all seen situations where a guy gives a "friend" a great deal.  In trading no favoritism should be shown to anyone at any time.  It's impossible to truly know if favoritism is being shown so determining that will be based on the admin's best judgement.

irrational trades by teams that are not doing well will also be subject to admin approval.

-You must have at least 5 active SP's.  You can have up to 6 active SP's.  If you do have 6 active SP's one must be in your pen as a long reliever.  SP's in the pen must be rated 84 or lower.
-You must use a 5 SP rotation during the regular season and at least a 4 SP rotation during the playoffs. 
-You are required to use your SP equally.
-Your opponents have the right to request that you use a 3 different SP in your 3 games against them.
-Starting pitchers cannot be relieved until...

-They have given up 5 runs or,
-They have pitched a minimum of 5 innings or,
-Their remaining energy indicator is at 25% or less

NOTE: When playing national league rules (pitcher hits), the SP can be subbed prior to pitching 5 full innings ONLY if the team making the sub is doing it when it is the pitcher's at bat and if it is the pitchers second at bat.  

"Quick-Pitching": Quick-pitching occurs when an opponent begins his pitchers throwing movement prior to coming to full set.  It also occurs when you do not allow a reasonable amount of time between pitches to allow your opponent to get ready.

We use "Broadcast" settings for one reason--the animations before the pitch create a window of time for the batter to take stock of his situation, think about what kind of pitch he is gonna see, etc.  IRL the batter controls the pace by stepping in/ out of the batters box.  The animations before the pitch CAN ONLY BE SKIPPED BY THE BATTER.  This gives the batter some of the control they have in real life.  

However, the batter cannot take more than 5 seconds no matter how long the animation is.  The game will "auto-pitch" after exactly 10 seconds.  Some animations are so long that, as soon as they stop, the AI auto-pitches.  The pitcher does not have to wait for the longer animations to play fully if it causes them to risk an auto-pitch.[/b]

No changing pitchers in the middle of an "at bat".  Once you have thrown one pitch you cannot sub pitchers until the "at bat" is over.  Exception is if the batter subs batters after your 1st pitch.  This should be a rare event since you cannot switch batters after the first pitch unless the pitcher didnt give you enough time to sub your batter.

Pitching Outside The Zone: Pitchers have no restrictions on pitch location.  If they want to roll the ball over the plate on every pitch that is their option.  Some guys dont respect opponents that throw a high percentage of their throws out of the zone but the league policy is that it's the batter's responsibility to force the pitcher to throw it in the zone by not swinging at bad pitches.  Get into a 3-0 or 3-1 count and your opponent will come into the zone...just like real life.  

We've all heard the counter-point to this...that it's not SIM to throw a large percentage of pitches out of the zone because MLB pitchers dont.  What this point of view fails to consider is that MLB batters in real life would not consistently swing at balls outside of the zone.  If they would then you can bet that MLB pitchers would never give them anything else!  So it's really consistently swinging at bad pitches that is non-SIM behavior.  

Pitch recognition and plate discipline are the defining skills in this game. If this is your weakness--as it is for most of us--the solution is to improve your skill--not to get pissed at your opponent for not throwing you enough meat.

Players should behave respectfully at the plate.  Showing bunt to distract the pitcher while he is trying to time his release, tapping the triangle button, striding for no reason--none of these disrespectful practices are allowed.

- 3 bunt attempts per game by position players--sac or drag.
- 1 attempt at scoring a runner at 3b per game by bunting (squeeze or other).
- Unlimited bunt attempts by pitchers--sac or drag.
- 1 attempt per 9 batters.
- No bunting by consecutive batters under any circumstances.
- No bunt attempts by 3-5 in the rotation...ever.

"Bunt Attempt" Defined: A bunt attempt is any at bat where the batter squares around (early for sac or late for drag) and makes contact with the ball. If the bunt attempt is foul and the batter swings away at one of the later pitches it still counts as an attempt.

EXPLANATION: Bunting is still far more successful in game than it is in real life. Again, this is due to fielder animations that are not appropriate to the situation (no urgency). In real life the most aggressive small ball teams attempt 1 bunt (sac or drag) every 15 innings...the average MLB team lays one down every 30 innings. That's not one successful bunt (bunt for hit)--that's a bunt that results in a fair ball. The reason they dont bunt more IRL is because the odds of bunting with a positive outcome are not great. In the game some guys bunt many times more than IRL--usually because they are struggling to hit with a regular swing. We do not want guys to bunt because they are unable to hit well.  Small ball is part of the game but we want it to have approximately the same significance in the game that it does IRL.  The limits here are meant to discourage bunting at a rate that is wildly out of step with what happens IRL and to encourage skill-based hitting.

Remedies: If someone bunts an more than they are allowed then the remedy will be...

-If the batter is out and no runners advance: Just warn your opponent
-If the batter is out but the runners advance: The team in the field gets a free man on base (the furthest base that any of the runners got to on a bunt for hit or sac)--at a time of his choosing and for a player of his choosing.
-If the illegal bunt resulted in a run: The team in the field gets a free run which can be used by any player/ at bat he chooses and at any time in the remainder of the game he chooses.

Subbing Batters: If you are going to sub batters you must do so before the first pitch.  If the pitcher did not give you enough time to make a change you can still change after the first pitch.  You cannot switch because you have changed your mind.


Stealing is allowed.  Early stealing is also allowed however, if you leave the bag early, you may not return to the base you left. The slow movement of the P to the 2 baseman or 3 baseman makes it possible to early steal with far greater success than would ever be possible IRL. To balance that we do not allow players to return once they have taken their first step.

Some Situational Rules...

When you have men on 1st and 3rd, stealing 2nd to draw a throw and then sending the runner on 3B home is not allowed.

No naked stealing of home under any circumstances.  Sending a runner on 3B home prior to the ball passing the plate/ being struck is only allowed if it is part of a squeeze play.  Too many funky catcher animations make it possible for this to succeed in the game where it would never would succeed IRL.

You can advance runners 1 base on an INF hit or bunt--no more. If the ball is fielded by an infielder in the outfield it is to be considered an infield hit and the rule applies. If an infielder attempts to field the ball and it gets past or through him and goes into the outfield the rule does not apply. The rule applies to hit-and-runs. If you execute a hit-n-run and the ball does not get past the infielder and into the OF, the runner must not take the additional base.

Explanation: This rule is a reaction to the slow fielder reactions making it unrealistically easy for base-runners to get an additional base.

No advancing base runners on dropped third strikes unless it is a clear "passed ball" or unless the ball rolls away from the catcher by at least one body length.[/i][/b]

If there are 2 outs and you have a runner on 1st you may advance all or any of your base runners on a dropped 3rd. If you do not have a runner on 1st you may not advance base runners on a dropped 3rd.

In general this rule addresses the same issue as the previous one--The 1st basemen take an absurdly long time to make a throw after catching the ball. Because of that if you send a runner on 2nd or 3rd when the C is making his play to 1B your odds of advancing successfully are way out of step with reality. Sometimes it will seem silly to be unable to advance since dropped 3rd strikes this year sometimes get quite a distance from the C without going behind him. The problem is that we cant moderate subjective arguments about whether or not the ball was far enough away to advance IRL, especially since the league admins will not be able to see the actual play. Imperfect though it may be, you can only advance on a dropped 3rd strike if it is a "passed ball". Note: the game log is the deciding factor on this. If it is truly a passed ball the log will call it exactly that. If not it will be recorded as a "dropped 3rd strike". Whichever the game log calls it thats what the admin will use to determine the outcome if there is a dispute.

Within the 1st two weeks of the start of a season the regular season end date will be posted on the forum.  You will need to manage to that timeline.  Members falling behind the pace and (especially late in the season) making it difficult for more active members to get a game will need to be replaced.  If something  is going on in your life that is going to cause you to slow down for awhile post it on the forum so everyone knows and understands your situation.

If both players are in agreement individual games can be played using any mutually agreed upon rules. Fair warning: If there are any conflicts that need to be arbitrated by an admin the league rules will be what they use to make their determination.

Players can only play in positions that their profile says that they can play.  For example, RF Alex Gordon CAN play CF, LF and 3b because he is rated for it by the game.  He CANNOT play at any other positions at any time.  This includes late inning pinch hitters.  At no time during the game can you take the field with guys playing positions that their game card does not say they can play.  If you find yourself in a situation where you have subbed a POS player for a PH and cannot field a team with guys on the bench unless you have guys playing out of position then you have lost.  Concede the game.

These rules are the result of a lot of thought and debate by a large number of guys over a 4 year time frame.  That doesn’t make them perfect so they are not to be considered written in stone.  In fact, the rules are subject to change at any time.  We don’t have a formal process for changing the rules but the hope is that the rules reflect the point of view of a majority of the league members.  If you feel a change should be made post it on the forum so we can get members' input.

We are here to have fun. Competing and winning is part of that but it is absolutely NOT the whole thing. League members that create conflict or consistently make it difficult for other members to enjoy their recreational time in the league will be asked to leave.


After much discussion its the clear will of the majority of the members that everyone should have to use the same "swing" settings so that there can be no doubt about one guy having an advantage over the other.  As a result analog swinging is banned.  Pure analog, Analog + Zone...doesnt matter.  All players must leave "Swing Info" on full so there can be no doubt about compliance.

In the event all teams do not play all games (which almost never happens) final standings will be determined using the following point system...

- 1 point will be awarded for each "net" game won.  This is determined by subtracting the total games won by the games lost.  So if your record was 22-17 you would have 5 more wins than losses making your "net wins" 5.

- 2 points awarded for each game played.  

This scoring system rewards activity level over win percentage by a 2 to 1 margin.  That means that someone that plays more but has a lower win percentage can place higher than someone with a higher win percentage.  The most active players have a substantial advantage in terms of how they place in the final standings.  If you dont play much you are NOT going to make it to the playoffs.

Once the playoff teams and order has been determined all remaining games are randomly resolved with the sole purpose to get the seeding right for the playoffs.  If you dont make the playoffs your unplayed games will be resolved without regard to wins, losses or points scored.  This just makes it easier (faster) to resolve games.

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Amendment: Tiebreakers

Post by high-n-tight (gobriensf) on Sun May 31, 2015 12:27 pm

In the event two or more League Members finish in a tie on the point total the higher finish will be awarded based on...

1) Head to head record
2) Total runs scored (Head to head)
3) Highest Batting Average (Season Total)
4) Lowest ERA (Season Total)
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