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2015 Season 1 Schedule of Events...

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2015 Season 1 Schedule of Events...

Post by high-n-tight (gobriensf) on Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:11 am

MLB Bums Season 1

Official Draft/ Season Start Date: Sunday, April 12, 2015 at approximately 6:15PM EST.

Regular Season End Date: Saturday May 30, 2015 (7 weeks after start). Regular season ends at midnight. Un-played games will be resolved shortly thereafter.  

Round Robin-3 games per opponent
Number of teams: 16
Number of Games: 45
Required Minimum Pace: 5 games per week
Pace needed to finish all games: 6.5 per week

Trade Deadline: None but late season trades between playoff contenders and non-playoff contenders are likely to get bounced.

Playoff Schedule: Begins Sun May 31
4 Teams; 2 rounds
Round 1: Best of 5 games. Finish by Saturday, Mar 15th at midnight. Un-played games will be resolved in favor of the player who made the greatest effort to play. Documentation required.
World Series: Best of 7 games starting Mar 16th.

Final Rankings: Making the Playoffs
Games that are not completed by the deadline will be resolved after the reg season ends so that the league can move into the playoffs. Formula for determining final team rankings will be based on a point system and will reward both winning AND activity level. Activity levels will be rewarded TWICE as much as winning. Here's the actual point system that will be used...

Wins: 1 point each
Losses: -1 point each
Activity: 2 Points per game played.

Top 4 point earners make the playoffs. Notice that someone that plays ALL their games but wins none will go 0 - 45 and still earn 45 points (90 points for games played -45 points for games lost + 0 points for games won = 45 total points). That would place them ahead of someone that plays less than half their games and has a better record (eg: 12-8 record: 40 points for games played + 12 points for games won - 8 points for games lost = 44 total points). This is the same system Del and I created for Junkies...just converted from an algebraic formula to a point system.

Once the 4 playoff teams have been determined all games will be resolved to ensure the top four teams have the top four records and the game ranks them appropriately. For the teams that do not make the playoffs unplayed games will be resolved randomly. Again, unplayed games by teams not earning enough points to make the playoffs will be resolved with no thought given to which team had the better record, played more games, etc.

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